Reporting Hazing

Hazing violates WSU’s community values, and there is zero tolerance for it. If you see or experience hazing, we are here to support you. There are several options for handling hazing: 

Call out hazing behaviors in the moment if you feel safe doing so 

  • Calling out hazing when you see it may stop the behavior immediately. It also acknowledges the distress or discomfort of victims and helps them leave the situation. 
  • You may not feel comfortable or safe calling out the behavior when you experience or witness it – that’s okay. When you’re in a safe space, please make a report.  

Report the behavior/actions to WSU 

If you or others are in immediate danger or in a situation that needs to be resolved right away, call 911 or the WSU Police at 509-332-2521.

Good Samaritan Guideline

The WSU Good Samaritan Guideline ensures that students experiencing alcohol and/or drug intoxication receive prompt and appropriate attention without receiving any formal discipline for alcohol or drug use and possession under our community standards (for you and the intoxicated individual). For more information on the guideline and what is and is not covered, see the Good Samaritan Guideline page.