WSU Hazing Prevention Advisory Committee

The committee reviews and provides feedback on programs related to WSU’s hazing prevention efforts.  The advisory committee works with all stakeholders in reviewing WSU’s hazing prevention programs across the WSU system. This committee follows RCW 28B.10.905 (Sam's Law).


  1. Review an annual report to be provided by the Center for Community Standards.
  2. Review WSU’s hazing prevention programs across the WSU system and provide advisory notes to the WSU president.
  3. Present to the WSU System Leadership Council and/or campus chancellors’ leadership councils annually regarding the current state of hazing prevention activities.

The committee will meet a minimum of semi-annually, once each in the fall and spring semesters. This is a one-year appointment by the WSU university president and is renewed annually.

Apply to be on the Committee

Upcoming Meeting Dates

October 26 | 2 p.m. (virtual)

Reports and Resources

Membership (12 Members):  

Six Currently Enrolled Students, including at least two, will be enrolled at campuses other than Pullman. Representatives specifically from:

Current Student: University Recreation

Taylor Callow (Pullman)

Current Student: Athletics

Lauren Wille

Current Student: Fraternity and Sorority Life

Gavin Christenson (Pullman)

Current Student: At Large 

Zachary Luke 

Current Student: At Large 

Colin Bannister (Pullman)

Current Student: At Large

Izabella Maddaloni (Pullman)

Current Student: At Large


Current Student: At Large


A student member of a student organization, athletic team, or living group with a finding of a hazing violation within the last twelve months may not participate in or be a member of the hazing prevention committee.

Five WSU Employees:

Chair, Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students

Jennifer Hyatt

Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students


Gwyn Rhodes

Senior Associate AD, Chief Compliance Officer Athletics

Center for Community Standards: Sam’s Law

Lisa Hathaway (Christianson)

Assistant Director for the Center for Community Standards


Jenna Van Klevan

Assistant Director, Compliance and Civil Rights


Chris Lebens

ED Leadership and Sport Management

One Parent Member:

The parent member must be a parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled at WSU. Parent members will be recruited openly, using communication channels such as New Coug Orientation Family Participants and the Coug Parents Board.     

Parent/Family Rep of Current WSU Student

Jennifer Harlan

Ex-Officio/Resources for the Committee: These resource staff members will inform and educate the advisory committee about hazing prevention and awareness programs currently in place at WSU and propose new initiatives. They will not serve as voting members of the advisory committee.

Director, Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Dan Welter

Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Center for Community Standards

Karen Metzner

Assistant Director, University Recreation

Melanie Rosetti

Director of Assessment, Student Affairs

Paula Adams

Lieutenant Colonel, ROTC

Matthew Sheftic

Associate Professor of Music, Associate Director of Bands, Director of Athletic Bands

Jon Sweet

Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life

Jack Van Dam

WSU Police Department, Police Sergeant

Kelly Stewart

Human Resources Consultant, Learning & Organizational Development

Laura Hamilton

Center for Student Organizations and Leadership

Matt Shaw

Hazing Policies

Washington has a no-tolerance hazing law that requires an organization to lose recognition from the university if they are found responsible for hazing or the University violates state law. Please review the Washington Administrative Code (504-26-206) and/or the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 28B.10.900 - 28B.10.910) related to hazing and WSU's online hazing prevention training for more information.

For more information regarding expectations for student conduct, please see the Student Handbook for Community Standards.

Reporting Resources

If you witness acts of hazing, please complete the Hazing Report Form. We ask that you provide your contact information so we have a viable reason to follow up on the report.

The following are a few reporting resources that everyone has available to them:

  • Reporting to the Police: If you are experiencing an emergency, need immediate help, or observe a situation that needs to be resolved immediately, please call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance. If you want something to be addressed immediately but feel that this is not a police emergency, you can contact the police non-emergency line at (509) 332-2521.
  • Reporting to the Center for Community Standards: You can report violations of the Standards of Conduct for Students directly to the Center for Community Standards at Washington State University: 509-335 4532 or (anonymous complaints are accepted)
  • Reporting to Compliance and Civil Rights: You can report violations of Executive Policy 15 (Sexual Assault, Harassment, or Discrimination) directly to the Compliance and Civil Rights at Washington State University:509-335-8288, or online at (anonymous complaints are accepted).
  • Reporting to University Recreation: Reports that are submitted to University Recreation staff members will be referred to either Center for Community Standards or Compliance and Civil Rights.
    • Reporting to the National Governing Body: Sport Clubs and club members must also adhere to the policies of their National Governing Bodies. Each will have its own standards regarding the behavior of members.  You can report directly to your National Governing Body by contacting them directly.  Typically contact information is available on their national website.